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An innovative assessment tool for progressive companies, EngagePro unveils key insights on engagement, wellness, satisfaction, productivity, and employer brand.

Tailored Impact and Sustained Results

Understand your employees at a profound level, align individual aspirations with organizational goals, and witness the transformative power of a truly engaged and motivated team.

Employees are not actively engaged, resulting in a daily loss of potential creativity and productivity for companies.


Office, sales, and construction workers feel engaged, hence representing the most disengaged segments.


Fewer missed days due to Health observed in thriving employees, which means less unplanned leaves.


Decrease in Staff Turnover is experienced by companies with active employee engagement activities.


Higher likelihood of Daily Stress and mental health problems is experienced by disengaged employees.


Reduced Absenteeism is experienced in the organizations with engaged employees.


Annual increase in profitability is contributed only by highly engaged workforce.


Leaders feel that Engagement Strategy is impactful for Business success but barely 1 in 4 of them have a Strategy.


Companies know what’s driving disengagement. (Predictive Index survey of 600 CEOs, presidents and VPs)


The statistics paint a stark picture of the daily losses due to employee disengagement!

What it means for you?

Organizations bear the weight of drained resources and stifled innovation, while companies missing the engagement advantage face diminished profitability and disruptive staff turnover. The toll extends to the well-being of employees, with stress levels escalating and absenteeism disrupting the daily rhythm of operations.


Talent drain, dissatisfaction with career growth opportunities, and a glaring lack of leadership strategies compound the daily challenges. The financial repercussions of actively disengaged employees create a substantial daily hemorrhage. The daily impact is undeniable – a collective loss in creativity, efficiency, and potential.

EngagePro offers straightforward solutions!

EngagePro, backed by Psychiatrists and Psychologists, supports your team with expert guidance, creating a workplace where financial losses are minimized, stress is reduced, and success is the daily norm.

Expert Guidance,
Thriving Workplace

EngagePro's 150-question assessment provides a clear understanding of your team's needs, and the PlayBook translates this data into Strategy to build a compelling employer brand.

Deep Insight,
Simple Solution

While you work on engagement, your team sets individual goals based on their dreams, turning aspirations into habits with our 90-day action plans, reducing stress, and dissatisfaction.

Personalized Goals, Reduced Stress

Happy Employees
Productive Organization
Visible ROI

By understanding what truly makes your people happy, set the pace for Peak Performance.

EngagePro combines Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs and the Big 5 Personality Traits in a 150-question assessment. This unique blend ensures a deep and nuanced understanding of your team, allowing for targeted, personalized strategies.

Precision in Understanding Your Team

EngagePro addresses the complete experience of your team by offering insights across departments, enabling you to build a compelling employer brand and fostering a workplace where individuals thrive both professionally and personally.

Holistic Approach to

EngagePro transforms insights into actionable plans. While Playbook works on Employee Experience strategies, The 90-day action plans ensure a tangible impact on reducing stress, absenteeism, dissatisfaction, and health disruptions.

Actionable Insights Translated into Results

Backed by expert Psychiatrists, Psychologists, EngagePro provides ongoing community support and guidance throughout the habit formation journey, creating a sense of belonging and purpose.

Comprehensive EAP Support from Experts
Personalized Strategies
Actionable Insights
Expert Guidance

Ready to transform your workplace and elevate your team's success?

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