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Image by Mohamed Nohassi

Become a Better Person 

Our programs focus on Incremental Improvements everyday!

Brain 2.0
Become a Better Person Everyday

A 5 session workshop designed by the top Brain Experts in the country to understand and hack your Brain Behaviour and Biology.

Brain 2.0
Become a Better Parent Everyday

A 12 session workshop that helps you understand and effectively manage the changing paradigms of New Age Parenting.

Coming Soon

Brain 2.0
Become a Better Partner Everyday 

A 16 session workshop for the parents who want the best way to nurture and love their kids and rise above the parenting challenges.

Coming Soon

Brain 2.0
Become a Better Professional Everyday

A 6 session workshop for High Functioning individuals to regain their focus, resilience, performance, and productivity.

What Clients Say

"Thank you for saving my life. I am in good mental space. It wasn't the medication, it was your Aura that worked more than medication. The first day I met you, you gave a little light in the dark tunnel."
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